Working with your supply chain

Posted by Erna Klupacs / 17-Feb-2016

Working with your supply chain

Prevent, reduce, reuse and recycle - it is likely that you already apply this mantra to your business but have you looked up and down your supply chain to identify further opportunities to eliminate waste?

For UK food and grocery manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing combined, the annual value of food, drink and packaging waste in the chain is estimated at £6.7bn (WRAP).

Although waste cannot be completely eliminated, if measures are put in place now, around 20 million tonnes of waste could be redirected away from landfill in the next 10 years.  

In this edition of Waste Not  Want Not series, Winnow in collaboration with SWR and the BHA , explores how to look at your supply chain. Whilst investigating your supply chain can be time consuming, it is key to running an efficient business.

As well as potentially making the biggest waste savings, it could also strengthen your partnership with suppliers and clients, protect your business against risk.

Check out our Working With Your Supply Chain Guide’ and find practical solutions to help your business see the profit and environmental impact of your supply chain decisions:



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Photo credit: Vince Lee via Unsplash

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