Winnow Joins Forces with Dayblink GPO and The Leading Hotels of the World

Posted by Fiona Montie / 15-Nov-2023

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We at Winnow are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dayblink GPO, a leader in the hospitality industry. As part of this alliance, Winnow has also been selected as a preferred food waste management vendor for The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), showcasing our commitment to elevating sustainability in luxury hospitality. 

"We're thrilled to partner with Dayblink GPO. This collaboration is a shared vision for a sustainable future in the hospitality industry. Together, we're set to empower luxury hotels with the tools to not only excel in culinary operations but also lead in environmental stewardship. We look forward to making a tangible impact on both profitability and sustainability for Dayblink GPO's valued members." - Marc Zornes, CEO of Winnow

Dayblink GPO: Empowering Independent Hotels

Dayblink GPO, with its decades of experience, stands as a beacon of innovation in hospitality. They are “on a mission to level the playing field between hard brands and independent hotels,” offering a unique blend of strategic sourcing, contract negotiations, and a curated list of options tailored to the specific needs of luxury hotels​. 

The Leading Hotels of the World: A Legacy of Unmatched Luxury

Comprised of more than 400 hotels in over 80 countries,  LHW is the largest collection of independent luxury hotels. In 1928, 38 independent hoteliers came together to create LHW. Since then, the Company  has carefully curated distinctive hotels, resorts, inns, chalets, villas, and safari camps from the snow-capped Alps of Europe to the African veldt, to share them with adventurous souls who seek the remarkably uncommon. 

Winnow is now part of LHW’s Leading Strategic Sourcing (LSS) program, spearheaded by LHW and DayBlink GPO, which selected Winnow as a LHW preferred vendor. The program offers a strategic group purchasing program for LHW’s portfolio of global, independent hotels. As a preferred vendor for LHW, Winnow is thrilled to help the world’s leading luxury hotels tackle their food waste and drive sustainability for their esteemed guests. 

Winnow's role in this pioneering partnership

As a leader in food waste management technology, Winnow brings cutting-edge AI tools and data analytics to this partnership. At the same time, our company has experience in hundreds of hotels worldwide, tailoring solutions to fit every kind of hotel operation. Our technology will empower LHW's member hotels to significantly reduce food waste, aligning with their ethos of excellence and sustainability.  

Winnow was selected as a Dayblink GPO partner and LHW preferred vendor for the following reasons: 

  • Globally proven success: Winnow is the leading global provider of food waste management technology with experience in over 2000 commercial kitchens in over 70 countries. We provide a solution for every kitchen. 
  • Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and analytics: Winnow’s AI tools give hotels and resorts visibility of their food waste in real time. Our powerful data and analytics empower hotels to cut their waste in half. 
  • Efficiency and sustainability: Winnow frees up time in luxury hospitality kitchens to further amplify the guest experience and deliver on sustainability for guests. 
  • Financial impact: Winnow helps hotels cut their food waste 50% and food purchasing costs between 3 - 8%, delivering an ROI of 2-10x.

This partnership is a testament to our shared vision with Dayblink GPO and LHW - to redefine luxury hospitality through innovative, sustainable practices. We are excited to bring our expertise to this incredible network, setting new standards in environmental responsibility while enhancing guest experiences across the globe.

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