Winnow and EasyJet Holidays Team Up to Revolutionize Food Waste Management in Hotels

Posted by David Jackson / 30-Mar-2023


Winnow is excited to announce a new partnership with easyJet Holidays, starting with a pilot in one of easyJet holiday’s most popular hotels: at the 510-room Bahia Principe Sunlight Costa Adeje resort in Tenerife. The collaboration with easyJet Holidays will enable us to apply our AI-driven food waste management solutions to hotels within the easyJet Holidays portfolio, contributing towards their sustainability goals.

Hotels face a serious challenge when it comes to food waste, as inflation soars and margins are placed under pressure. The traditional methods of tracking food consumption and adjusting production can be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to excessive waste and higher costs. 

Our systems help the hospitality industry combat food inflation . By accurately tracking and analyzing food consumption data, our system can predict demand, allowing hotels to optimize food production and reduce waste effectively. The data-driven insights provided by our technology enables hotels to make better-informed decisions on menu planning, portion sizes, and food procurement. This not only cuts down on food waste, but also helps hotels save money by reducing their overall food costs.

easyJet holidays’ customer and operations director Matt Callaghan  said: “We’re delighted to be launching a food waste reduction pilot in one of our biggest partner hotels, investing in artificial intelligence solutions to cut their food waste in half. 

“We’re the first tour operator to be supporting hotel partners in tracking food waste and offering a real-world solution to a problem faced by our entire industry.”

“The brilliant research and recommendations we received from the University of Oxford students has led to this scheme, so we’re really excited to be continuing the easyJet holidays Sustainable Tourism Programme to look at tackling some of the big sustainable tourism challenges.”

“We’re really excited to see what a positive impact a collaboration between a three-year-old holiday business, an 800-year-old academic institution and a revolutionary technology can have.”

Winnow co-founder and chief executive Marc Zornes added: “Food waste is a massive contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions and the hospitality sector needs to take action. At the same time, with food inflation at record levels, there is a strong business case for hotels and resorts to tackle it. Winnow is delighted to partner with easyJet holidays to scale our impact together. “

Winnow has already made a significant impact on the hospitality industry by reducing food waste in thousands of kitchens across the globe. We at Winnow are proud to partner with easyJet Holidays in our mission to make the hospitality sector more sustainable and look forward to continuing the fight against food waste together.

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