Industry experts reveal the 5 trends to impact hospitality in 2019

Posted by Rupert Hill / 20-Dec-2018

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If you are planning to drive growth in your hospitality business and delight customers in 2019, then read on. As we look ahead to the new year, we set out to find the latest trends in the hospitality industry. To do this, we asked a selection of industry experts including Club Med, IKEA, Costa Cruises, and Hilton Hotels.

Based on their expertise, we have identified 5 key trends that will impact the hospitality industry this year.

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We are currently in a period of considerable change in the hospitality industry. If 2018 is a reliable guide to what we might expect in 2019, we can expect continued transformation of the kitchen environment and a rapidly evolving relationship with customers.

The trends touch on a range of topics. As a spoiler, the first trend highlights the importance in 2019 of sourcing ingredients from farm to fork. Customers are more interested than ever in the provenance of the food they’re served. Steven Smalley, Executive Chef at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah says that added customer interest in where food is sourced from matches a widening selection of sustainable products:

“We use locally sourced, organic and sustainable products on our menus. In Dubai we are now getting much more variety to choose from local vegetable growers, meats from sustainable and organic farms, and fish from sustainable fisheries around the globe.”

This new guide digs into five key areas, and explores at the underlying themes that are driving the trends. How will evolving customer expectations shape how we interact and work? How will new technology make the kitchen more efficient, and more sustainable?

As we look towards the opportunities of the new year, we would like to take a moment to thank our clients for the trends they are already setting in motion. The momentum surrounding food waste is a key example - the hard work of our clients in tackling food waste is driving the agenda forward and showing other businesses that they too can tackle waste. Their passion to solve the food waste problem is inspiring - and we thank them for their leadership.

In 2018, Winnow expanded its operations to 40 countries around the world and saved clients more than $25 million dollars. We look forward to an even better 2019.

With thanks to our contributors for sharing their expertise:

  • Patrik Dreveborn - Project Leader of Food Waste, IKEA 
  • Guillemette De Chammard - Regional Corporate Social Responsibility Expert, Club Med Bali
  • Steven Smalley - Executive Chef, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah
  • Stefania Lallai - Sustainability and External Relations Director, Costa Cruises
  • Pacific-Asia Travel Association


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