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Posted by Liv Lemos / 13-Feb-2019

IKEA Bergen

Though its Food is Precious program IKEA has been working to reduce food waste by half by August 2020. We recently published a video showcasing the success of the IKEA Bergen (Norway) in reducing food waste, through the lens of the Norwegian salmon. At IKEA Bergen, the salmon is sourced from sustainable certified farms. Since October 2017 Winnow has been helping IKEA Bergen further develop their sustainable efforts by cutting food waste.


IKEA is one of the world’s most popular brands receiving over one billion visitors worldwide, every year. They are the 6th largest food chain in the world. With its global reach, IKEA has the opportunity to inspire brands to become more sustainable. They work with certifications to ensure that their products meet standards of environmental and social responsibility. Also, IKEA works with Winnow to minimise the amount of food waste in their stores.

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The IKEA store in Bergen is a great example of how the brand is taking measures against food waste while serving delicious food that is also sustainable. In Bergen, almost 2000 meals are sold daily, and the salmon dishes are one of the most popular. Salmon plays a big part in the Norwegian diet. At IKEA Bergen, the salmon is locally sourced from a sustainable certified farm that meets the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) standards.

Since October 2017 we’ve been helping the Bergen branch further develop their sustainable efforts by helping them reduce food waste. By cooking smaller quantities of food, and by using half baking trays instead of full trays, the team has successfully cut food waste by 45%. It is the equivalent of saving more than 29,660 meals and saving over €126,200.

The success of the IKEA Bergen has the potential to inspire others to follow their lead in the journey towards becoming people & planet positive.

"We can challenge ourselves to use food in a much more sensible way. By doing that, we will be at the same time, saving the environment and saving costs. So, it's a true win-win situation." Said Anders Lennartsson, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Norway, during an interview to Winnow.

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