See how Compass Singapore is leading the city-state's food waste revolution

Posted by Liv Lemos / 8-Feb-2019

See how Compass Singapore is leading the food waste revolution

Compass Group Singapore plays a crucial role not only to satisfy appetites but to contribute to solving the increasing food waste problem of Singapore. With the help of Winnow, the Group has reduced its food waste by over 50%.


Compass Group has been a key partner since Winnow was launched in 2013. We have worked together to develop a technology that has the power to transform commercial kitchens by reducing food waste. Our partnership is delivering at scale with over 260 sites having adopted the Winnow system.

Compass Group Singapore has started to fight food waste in 2016 by implementing Winnow’s revolutionary technology at a pilot site. The technology helps chefs measure, monitor and dramatically reduce food waste.

Kelvin Cha, Head of Culinary at Compass Group Singapore shares, “Technology is part of culinary. Winnow has brought us a good education on how we look into waste in a proper way and will help Compass Group become more sustainable.”

See how Compass Group is fighting food waste in Singapore

By measuring and managing food waste with Winnow, Compass Group Singapore is seeing incredible results:

  • The Compass Group Singapore’s site has reduced food waste by 55%
  • Curbing food waste has also positively impacted the Group's bottom line: the estimated yearly savings are of 60,000 SGD

 By reducing waste, Compass Group Singapore is contributing to mitigate the city-state’s increasing food waste problem. According to the National Environmental Agency, the amount of food waste generated in Singapore has increased by about 40% over the past 10 years. This number is expected to increase with Singapore's growing population and economic activity.

Maxime Pourrat, Winnow’s Managing Director APAC added, Compass is a great example of a company that wants to embrace technology to make a difference. It is a privilege to work with Compass Group Singapore and help them further improve their responsible processes in their food and beverages offer.”

Following the success of Winnow at the pilot site, Compass Group Singapore hopes to continually expand this deployment across the region.


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