Press Release: Ex-Sodexo Head of Business Development has been appointed Managing Director, Europe at Winnow

Posted by Nicola Sewell / 29-Jan-2020

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London, February - 2020: Winnow announce ex Head of Business Development, Global Strategic Accounts at Sodexo as Managing Director, Europe.

Winnow, the hospitality tech firm who tackle food waste in commercial kitchens with Jess TausigArtificial Intelligence (AI), has appointed Jess Tausig (formerly ex Head of Business Development, Global Strategic Accounts at Sodexo) as their new Managing Director for Europe.

Jess' arrival into the company follows a successful year for Winnow, with the launch of Winnow Vision, an AI-enabled technology which gives chefs powerful insight to help them cut waste by over 50% on average, and leads to significant cost reductions trusted by brands like IKEA and IHG. In addition, the company also celebrated their largest fundraising to date and notably being ranked as the 78th fastest growing company in Europe.

Jess has joined Winnow to manage operations and accelerate business development in the European market. Jess brings with her a wealth of experience and demonstrated history of working in the facilities services industry. This includes, during her tenure at Sodexo, working as Head of European Business Development across the corporate services segment, with delivery of $350m top line revenue growth annually and 100% retention as a key achievement during this time.

Using a camera, a set of smart scales and the same type of machine learning technology found in autonomous vehicles, Winnow Vision 'learns' to recognise different foods being thrown in the bin and calculates the financial and environmental cost of this discarded food to commercial kitchens.

Businesses and chefs can then adjust their food purchasing decisions accordingly, reducing their spending and tackling a fundamental problem of food waste: overproduction. A typical kitchen would expect to cut food waste in half within a year, saving 3%-8% on food purchasing costs.

Globally, a third of all food never reaches our forks. If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gasses after the USA and China. Food waste is also a completely unnecessary financial burden for businesses to bear, costing the global economy around $1 trillion in lost output - equivalent to around 1.5 percent of global GDP. Food waste costs commercial kitchens between 5 and 15 percent of all food purchased, with some kitchens wasting up to 20 percent of all the food they buy. Food waste costs the hospitality industry alone around $100bn every year - a number that Winnow's aims to slash.


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