How SAP Germany is reducing food waste in staff canteens

Posted by Liv Lemos / 7-May-2019

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SAP is one of the world leaders in enterprise software. After appointing Compass Group Deutschland for catering services at their central office, in Germany, Compass introduced Winnow to help the kitchen team reduce food waste.

With the help of Winnow’s insight, the team saved over 10,000 meals in the first 3 months. Watch their success story in the video below.     



With more than 425,000 customers in 180 countries, the SAP focuses on improving their CSR standards to create a better world to everyone. Improving their sustainability performance gives them insight that will help their customers do the same. To support the SAP’s sustainability efforts, Compass Group partnered with Winnow to help the SAP kitchen team better manage food production.

Since the beginning of the journey with Winnow, the team has been fully engaged with the project. In only three months of operation, they have achieved impressive results. Food waste has been reduced by an impressive 41%. It is the equivalent of saving 4.4 tonnes of food, or 10,000 plates meals.

"Seeing the reductions that we achieved was a great feeling. The entire team was so happy to see how much we were able to save. I would recommend to every head chef to implement Winnow." Said Stefan Difflipp, the Head Chef of Compass Group Deutschland

One of the main strategies to cut food waste is to cook less or replace the dishes that are wasted the most. The information from the Winnow reports allows them to identify patterns and understand the staff food preference. This way, they can adjust the production level to drive waste down.

Following the success of the partnership with Winnow, Compass Group and the SAP are planning to install the Winnow waste monitor system in more kitchens. “One of SAP’s corporate goals is to address the issue of food waste sustainably and efficiently. Hence, we are pleased that Winnow is now being rolled out, step by step, to all SAP canteens in Germany.” Said Jurgen Ziegler, the Catering Coordinator at SAP.

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