How Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort saved 17,000 meals from the bin while maintaining the ultimate guest experience

Posted by Wanda Criswell / 13-Feb-2024

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At Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort in Pampanga, guest experience is always a top priority. The resort has recently achieved a significant milestone in sustainability, balancing a 30% reduction in food waste with upholding excellent guest services. After implementing Winnow's technology, the kitchen team utilised its insights to tailor food offerings to guest preferences, resulting in substantial food waste reduction. This initiative has not only saved 17,000 meals from going to landfill but also shows how sustainability efforts can positively impact guest experience.

How Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort saved 17,000 meals from the bin while maintaining the ultimate guest experience

Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort is setting a benchmark in sustainable hospitality. Recognising that food waste significantly contributes to global climate change (10% of global greenhouse gas emissions), the resort has taken decisive action to minimise its impact. Through their innovative use of Winnow's technology, they have successfully reduced their food waste by 30%, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental stewardship.

Silke Astillero, the resort's Hygiene & Sustainability Manager, has been instrumental in harnessing Winnow's data-driven insights to revolutionise the kitchen operations. The team's commitment to using Winnow's technology has been a game-changer in how they approach food preparation and service. By analysing the data from Winnow, they have been able to refine their buffet service and menu offerings, leading to a more tailored and satisfying dining experience for guests. The focus on reducing waste has not been merely a back-end operation but a front-line strategy in enhancing the overall guest experience.

For example, by managing food portions and refills more effectively, the resort ensures that each dish served is not only fresher but also aligns more closely with guest preferences. This meticulous approach to buffet service has resulted in 17,000 meals saved from waste, a significant cost saving of ₱240,766, and the prevention of 30 tonnes of CO2e emissions. These achievements, particularly the notable 30% reduction in food waste achieved in just four months, underscore the resort's commitment to environmental stewardship and high-quality guest service.

"We looked at Winnow's data and saw that our leafy greens weren't staying fresh. To make sure our guests always have the freshest vegetables on their plates, we switched to a supplier who grows them using hydroponics. It's all about giving our guests the best" 

“We’ve optimised portion control and quantity at the buffet station, making the food in smaller batches and refilling it more often. The food then arrives fresher and hotter to our guests which helps a lot with maintaining our high guest satisfactions scores" 

Silke Astillero, Hygiene & Sustainability Manager, Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort

The impact of Winnow's technology at Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort is a prime example of how sustainable practices can be integrated seamlessly into the hospitality industry to enhance guest satisfaction. This innovative approach not only reduces waste but also reaffirms the resort's dedication to providing an exceptional experience for every guest. It's a forward-thinking strategy that positions Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort as a leader in both hospitality excellence and environmental sustainability.

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