How Chartwells is cutting food waste in schools

Posted by Liv Lemos / 22-May-2019

ST Faith's School case study

A school in England is setting an example for schools globally for how to cut food waste.

The junior school, St Faith's School in Cambridge - UK, are using Winnow to help the kitchen team reduce food waste by over 40%.

Led by Chartwells, a subsidiary of Compass Group UK & Ireland, they are tackling the issue within the school and educating the children on the issue of food waste.

Watch their success story below. 



Central to Chartwells is its Eat, Learn, Live ethos. It helps to educate young people about how to have a happy, safe and healthy lifestyle while contributing to a sustainable world.

Thanks to the partnership with Winnow, Chartwells is delivering food management and helping raise awareness of food waste in dozens of schools and universities across the UK.  

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Chartwells introduced Winnow to St Faith’s school in May 2017 to help the kitchen team manage food waste. By adjusting the production level based on the insights from the Winnow reports, the team cut food waste by 40%.

This would be the equivalent of saving more than 7,000 meals a year. It would be enough food to feed the entire schools for 14 days.  

"Winnow helped us run more efficiently. Training the team and watching every step of the process has really helped us enhance our skills in managing the food production and wastage levels ."  Said, Sue Accorsi, Regional Manager at Compass Group UK&I, during an interview to Winnow.  

According to Chartwells UK: “Catering in schools isn’t just about the meal on the plate – it’s about developing a positive, healthy relationship around food”.

The impact Winnow has delivered at the St faith’s School demonstrates the potential both for Chartwells more broadly and the catering industry as a whole. We look forward to keeping on developing our partnership with Chartwells to deliver a positive impact on education.

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