Fairmont The Palm Dubai is reducing food waste and saving $140,000 per year

Posted by Liv Lemos / 16-Jul-2019

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The team at Fairmont The Palm has been using the Winnow system since April 2017.In the 2 years they have been working with Winnow, in the hotel’s buffet restaurant, they have
managed to reduce food waste by 61%. It is the equivalent of saving an estimated AED 500,000 or $140,000 per year. 


Located on The Palm Jumeirah, the largest man-made island, Fairmont The Palm is a luxurious family resort in Dubai. Part of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious hotel brands, they strive to reduce their environmental impact by integrating innovative practices across their operations. Winnow was brought on board in April 2017 to help the team track, manage, and reduce food waste.  

With simple changes, such as replacing the dishes that were being wasted the most, and reducing the size of the serving bowls, the team has reduced food waste by 61%. To achieve this incredible result the Executive Chef also counted on his strong and united team to study the Winnow reports on a daily basis. It represents a saving of 70,000 meals and AED 500,00 on an annual basis.  

Download the case study to learn how Fairmont The Palm is adjusting their  buffets and reducing food waste by 61%.

“With the data from the Winnow report we can see where and why food is being wasted, and from there, we can study ways to minimise it. Now that our level of food waste is more stable, we just push ourselves to keep on reducing it as much as we can.” said Trevor Macleod, Executive Chef at Fairmont The Palm 

Food waste is a major and costly issue to the UAE. It is estimated that the country spends up to $3.54 billion a year on food waste. In addition, this study shows that almost half of food in the UAE hotel buffets is wasted. But, the local government is determined to reverse these figures and has urged the hospitality industry to implement zero tolerance on food waste 

Food waste presents an important challenge to the hotel sector in the UAE, but there is enormous savings potential for hospitality in addressing the issue. This inspiring example from Fairmont The Palm demonstrates that with the right tools, kitchens can measure, manage, and reduce their food waste. We are thrilled about the impact that Winnow and Fairmont Hotel & Resorts can have together to save money while contributing to the environment at the same time.

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