Hotel in Bangkok is saving 300 plated meals every month

Posted by Liv Lemos / 27-Dec-2017

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Anantara Siam Bangkok hotel has partnered up with Winnow to understand, manage and reduce its food waste. In less than 6 months they have already reduced its waste dramatically, serving as an inspiration to the entire sector in Thailand.  

According to the UNFAO, on average 11 kg of food per capita is wasted in developing Asian countries, every year. Although food waste has increasingly become a popular subject in the international agenda, tackling it is a huge challenge to most Asian countries. The issue can be particularly challenging for nations with booming tourism, such as Thailand. Hotel buffets are one of the top generators of food waste in Asia’s hospitality industry.

Sustainability is very important for Anantara Siam Bangkok. The hotel brought Winnow on board in February 2017 to help the team reduce its waste while increasing the kitchen’s efficiency and contributing to the environment at the same time.

With the help of Winnow’s detailed reports, the chefs were able to learn about guests’ food preferences. The team redesigned their food stations based on these insights to draw guests to the most popular dishes. This allowed the team to reduce overproduction in less popular areas whilst still presenting an attractive offer to guests. 

Since Anantara Siam Bangkok started using Winnow, they have dramatically reduced food waste, which has led to an annual saving of USD $14,200 (THB 475,800). This reduction represents the equivalent of preventing 1.6 tons of food from ending up in the landfills every year. Also, it is the equivalent of saving 300 plated meals every month.

See how Anantara Siam Bangkok hotel is saving 300 meals every month.This innovative partnership between Winnow and Anantara Siam Bangkok is transforming not only the hotel’s kitchens but the entire hospitality sector. Patrick Both, General Manager at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel said: “It is very encouraging to see the initial results using Winnow’s technology. Thanks to our engaged kitchen team and the measuring solution, we cut food waste by 70% already after a few months. I hope we can encourage the entire hospitality industry to start thinking about food as a precious resource that should not be wasted.” 

Having demonstrated that food waste can be reduced using Winnow, the team are now examining further opportunities to reduce waste. We are excited about the impact that Winnow and Anantara can have together saving money while doing the right thing for the environment at the same time

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