Find out what makes the GM at Intercontinental Fujairah a beacon of sustainable practices

Posted by Maria Sanu / 31-Dec-2020


Since launching in 2013 we have worked with hundreds of General Managers from all over the world helping them cut food waste in half while saving them time and resources.

General Managers have an incredibly important role of looking after the day-to-day aspects of the hotel's operations. They oversee everything from budgets to staffing, planning events and the food offer. 

Today we speak with Vijai Singh. He talked to us about the role that technology plays in the fight against food waste, why reducing food waste is important and his journey with Winnow.

Please introduce yourself.

I’m Vijai Singh, the general manager of Intercontinental Fujairah, I moved here from the Intercontinental in Chennai. I’ve been in hospitality for 23 years and I’m loving it so far. 

Why is reducing food waste is important to you?

There’s so many of us that have so much, and yet there’s so many of us that don’t even have half of what we have. Food is something that we survive on, we all need it. So for me wasting food is unacceptable. I would like to inspire people to save food and allow others to have more of what we have. 

What’s unique about working here in the UAE?

The UAE is a relatively new place for me, with that it brings a new culture, cuisine and diverse people. As well as beautiful scenery, especially here in Fujairah. So for me to come here and see it for myself is so enriching in my career and in my life, which is what I love about the UAE.

How would you describe Winnow to a fellow general manager?

Winnow is a fantastic tool that educates us about wastage. It helps the team forecast better to produce exactly what is required to avoid waste. Moreover, it will help your team save on resources and money. Winnow touches upon these three spheres - productivity, sustainability, and profitability. 


What’s one lesson that you learned after implementing the Winnow system?

For me, Winnow is all about utilizing less to get more, and throwing away as little as one can. 

How does Winnow impact your operation?

My team has been able to analyze what’s actually required from a production standpoint, using the data that Winnow provides, we can do an in-depth study into our operational requirements. It allows us to plan and forecast more accurately to reduce food waste and make our entire buffet operation more sustainable. 

I think the most important thing Winnow has done for my team is educating them about what gets thrown in the bin, making them more accountable and sensitive to food waste. And, this at the end of the day, this also results in monetary savings. 


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