Global catering company ISS is pioneering AI in the fight against food waste

Posted by Nicola Sewell / 26-Feb-2020

Catering food waste

Winnow is proud to be working with hospitality teams and chefs all over the world, implementing the technology they need to gain full control of their kitchens. With food waste being one of the largest global issues and a staggering ⅓ of all food going to waste, this is something that can no longer be ignored.

We are working with ISS who offer world-class catering services to clients globally to help equip their chefs with AI-enabled tools to easily pinpoint waste, cut costs and save time. ISS Belgium is a key site in the implementation of Winnow Vision as the team were behind the global roll-out of the system, aligning with the companies global vision to cut 50% of all food waste by 2022.

We were privileged to sit down with many key stakeholders within the ISS Belgium office, including CEO & Country Manager Kris Cloots and discuss their experience with Winnow and what this means for the prestigious service offering which forms part of daily ISS company values.

Furthermore, we also speak with the kitchen teams to discover their thoughts on using the system as a daily practice and determine from an everyday management perspective how Winnow empowers their kitchen operations.

  • Precise data helping fight food waste in the kitchen

“In Belgium, it is traditional to do mussels and fries day, it’s not uncommon to use up to 5 tonnes of mussels. The data Winnow provides us gives us the opportunity to really order accurately”, Guy de Laender, Catering Excellence Manager.

  • Results to date

Since the implementation of the system in one ISS Belgium site alone, the cost of food waste as a percentage of sales decreased by 57% over a period of a year. This equated to approximately 13.5 tonnes of food and 58 tonnes of CO2e emissions saved as part of this.

In terms of monetary value, the team on site also saved just under $30,000 during this period, showing that the kitchen team not only benefited from taking sustainable actions but also improved margins whilst doing the right thing.

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