Club Med Bali saved over 68,000 meals in only 6 months by using digital tools

Posted by Liv Lemos / 1-Nov-2018

Club Med Bali

With the help of Winnow’s innovative digital tools, in only 6 months, Club Med Bali cut their food waste in half. 

The savings translate to avoiding 6,7 tonnes of CO2 from being released, or the equivalent of 14 passenger cars driven for one year.  

Set in over 20 acres of tropical landscape, Club Med Bali is one of the island’s most luxurious all-inclusive resorts.  Operating more than 70 resorts in over 40 countries, Club Med is well-known for its all-inclusive holidays.  


The development of Club Med has been based on practices which reflect sustainable development, such as energy efficiency and water treatment. The brand has always encouraged their teams to reduce food waste.

In January 2018 the group brought Winnow's food waste solutions to Club Med Bali to further develop their initiatives.

At Club Med Bali, within only six months of using Winnow, the team reduced food waste by 56%. To achieve this incredible result the Executive Chef has counted on his dedicated team to study the Winnow reports on a daily basis identifying exactly where, at what time, and why food waste happens.

Read the case study and learn how Club Med Bali saved over 68,000 meals in only  6 months.

Using Winnow’s digital tools, the team were able to quickly identify where waste was happening within their operations. Based on this information, they made adjustments to production to reduce waste whilst delivering a higher quality service to the guests.

 “With the help of the Winnow systems, we have improved our food offer. Through our savings from reducing food waste with Winnow, we have been investing in higher quality food and more sophisticated ingredients” Said Puchon Basoodeo, Executive Chef at Club Med Bali during interview to Winnow.

This inspiring example from Club Med Bali shows that with the right tools chefs can reduce food waste and improve their kitchen’s efficiency.

We applaud Club Med for encouraging all their resorts to take measure to cut food waste. We are extremely pleased about the impact that Winnow and Club Med can have together to save money while contributing to the environment.

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