Celebrating Stop Food Waste Day with Compass Group

Posted by David Jackson / 28-Apr-2021

Stop Food Waste DAy 2021

April 28th is Stop Food Waste Day - an annual event to connect the foodservice sector, suppliers and consumers on the subject of food waste. The event was launched by Compass Group US in 2017 before going global in 2018. Winnow has been working side-by-side with Compass Group internationally since 2013, and chefs using our technology are collectively saving over 4 millions meals from the bin a year. 

Last week the Biden administration announced a new target for the United States to achieve a 50-52 percent reduction in Greenhouse Gas pollution from 2005 levels. The announcement made at the Leaders Summit on Climate Change signals a new sense of urgency from the world’s largest economy.  

Food waste accounts for around 8% of global greenhouse gasses (source: FAO), and Project Drawdown rates food waste as the number one solution to mitigate against climate change. If we are serious about climate change, we must get serious about food waste. This is exactly what Stop Food Waste Day seeks to achieve. 

Through events, stories, social media activity and awareness raising, the intention is to draw attention to the problem whilst also presenting creative and impactful ways we can all change our behaviour to minimise food waste.

Compass has been working together with Winnow for eight years now to reduce food waste using digital technology. Compass Group was one of Winnow’s first customers and over these years our technology has been implemented across key areas of Compass’ business including staff restaurants, universities, military bases and hospitals. 


The Winnow system has shown that sites which take action to manage waste can cut food waste in half or more.

  • Compass sites are now using Winnow in 12 countries.  
  • On average Compass sites using Winnow cut food waste by almost 50%.  
  • This equals to 4 million meals that were prevented from being thrown away. A huge achievement.

Video: Watch how the team at SAP Compass Group Germany cut food waste by 40% with Winnow

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