7 trends to impact everything Food and Beverage in 2020

Posted by Maria Sanu / 2-Feb-2020

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Do you want to stay ahead of the curve in 2020? Then keep reading. 

Using our business insights, daily industry examples and external resources, we searched high and low to find the seven trends that are impacting the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry in 2020. 

The world as we know is constantly evolving and changing. Technology has a huge part to play in this evolution for hotels, restaurants and catering operations. In 2020, the kitchen environment will become more efficient than ever in managing and preparing food. 

How can technology make the kitchen more efficient, and sustainable? That’s one of the questions we’ve dwelled upon in our 2020 trends guide.

A deep dive into the 7 trends impacting everything Food and Beverage in 2020

According to a survey by Eventbrite, 75% of people said that they believe unique dining experiences are worth paying more for. As people go out to have their expectations exceeded, diners are leaning more and more towards interactive restaurants and kitchens

What do you know about ‘Experiential Dining’? The ‘Experiential Dining’ culinary catchphrase is inspiring restaurants to think beyond tasty food and stunning interiors. Can a multisensory experience thrill the customer on multiple levels?

With the ease and affordability of home delivery models, people need more incentive to step outside the comfort of their homes. 

An interesting example of this is The Chef's Palette studio at Fairmont the Palm in Dubai. An experienced chef teaches you how to cook tasty dishes of your choice. It puts a unique spin on fine dining, with everyone sharing the food together after cooking it. 

Fairmont the Palm in Dubai is all about providing the best experience for diners while being sustainable. They partnered with Winnow in 2017 to help the team track and manage food waste. Through Winnow’s cutting-edge food waste solutions, they have cut waste by 61%.

See how Fairmont The Palm is saving around $140,000 per year by reducing food  waste

How can you know exactly want your customers want to taste? 

New groundbreaking AI technology can imitate the way people perceive taste. Which allows producers to create new flavors that people like. 

That’s not all our new guide digs into seven key areas and explores what’s really driving these trends and how you can implement them in your business. 

 Read our guide to discover the seven key areas and explore what’s really driving these trends in 2020 and how they influence your business.

7 trends to impact everything Food and Beverage in 2020


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