6 tech innovations fixing the food supply chain

Posted by Erna Klupacs / 13-Jun-2016

6 tech innovations fixing the food supply chain

The number of companies working within the food tech ecosystem in all levels of the supply chain is growing rapidly. They are changing the way we grow, transport, store, prepare, order and consume food.

As we get closer to the The RE•WORK Future of Food Summit exploring how technological & scientific advancements create more sustainable supply chains, we thought we would highlighting some of the disruptive techs working along the chain.

These innovations are helping across the food chain to handle the resources in a more sustainable, fair and profitable way:

  • Agrivi - Agrivi is a cloud farm management software that helps farmers to take control over their farm and make smart decisions to increase their productivity and profitability. It enables farmers to manage financials, inventory and mechanization of their farms. Its agricultural knowledge base of best-practice production processes guides farmers towards better production.
  • BovControl - BovControl aims to support farmers to produce efficiently using data collection technologies and cloud computing. The data collection and analysis tool improving performance on meat, milk and genetics production. The reports, graphics, and analysis of cattle allow farmers to realise the true potential of their cows, improve efficiency and boost profitability.
  • FarmersWeb - FarmersWeb makes it simple for farms and local food artisans to streamline working with wholesale buyers such as restaurants, schools, corporate kitchens and retails stores. Buyers benefit by quick access to local products, real time knowledge of what is available, and an easy way to work with local producers.  
  • Winnow -  Winnow connect commercial kitchens to the cloud allowing them to record and analyse exactly what is put in the bin. This gives chefs the information necessary to drive improvements in their production processes to cut food waste in half, saving money and reducing their environmental footprint at the same time.
  • Food Loop -  Supermarkets can scan in products which are near their expiry date and set a discount they are willing to offer. The app informs consumers of the availability of groceries with a short remaining shelf-life in real time. This way consumers save money and the grocery stores don’t have to throw anything away.
  • ShareTheMeal - The app is an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). It enables users to "share their meals" while having dinner or lunch with children in need. Users can give US $ 0.50 (or more) with a tap in their smartphone app. WFP receives the funds, provides the meals and show users where their meals will go.

Check out our ‘Working With Your Supply Chain Guide’ and find practical solutions to help your business see the profit and environmental impact of your supply chain decisions.

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Photo credit: Vince Lee via Unsplash

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