5 Interesting companies to watch from the Hotelympia 2018

Posted by Liv Lemos / 9-Mar-2018

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Hotelympia, one of the industry’s longest-standing and important hospitality events, took place this week. The four-day event transformed Excel London into a place for the hospitality and foodservice professionals to engage with suppliers, see the latest innovations, and showcase their work. 

Under new management, this year Hotelympia featured four new shows in addition to the traditional trade space. Each new show: The Foodservice Show (incorporating a coffee-focused Café Commerce and the Hospitality Tech space); the Professional Kitchen Show and Interiors and Tableware Show, provided a platform for restaurants, hotels, and contract caterers to interact.

We had the opportunity to visit the event and listen to engaging discussions, watch chefs showcasing their skills in the cooking competitions, and take note of the new products that are helping businesses have a more efficient operation. In case you missed the event, or didn’t have a chance to see all the attractions, we selected 5 of the most interesting companies to watch from the Hotelympia 2018

Vegware - Are specialists in compostable foodservice packaging. They produce catering disposables that are low carbon, made from renewable or recycled materials, and can even be composted with food waste. With offices in the UK, USA, Australia and Hong Kong, Chefs and F&B Directors from all over Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean can also purchase their eco-friendly products. During Hotelympia 2018 Vegware educated visitors about composting in a fun and engaging way. They became one of the most popular brands at the show, with a virtual reality experience taking everybody on a 360º journey from cup to compost.  

ETI - The Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd specialises in manufacturing hi-tech temperature measuring tools, such as wifi food thermometers, and correctors for fridge temperatures. They have joined the fight against food waste and are helping chefs avoid wasting food due to cooking errors, spoilage and damage problems. One of their most popular items is the Therma Guard Fridge Thermometers. Designed for large fridges, the tool features an audible alarm function that alert chef's when the temperature is too high or too low.  It allows fridges to be kept below 5°C, which is the ideal way to increase by 3 days the expiration date for most perishable food.


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Evogro develops a plant growing system making it easy for chefs to grow their own perfect microgreens, salad leaves, and herbs. Using advanced LED lighting and hydroponics to optimise the growing conditions that suit each crop, their cabinets produce perfect plants that are fresh and full of flavour. They also use environmental sensors and smart cloud software to monitor the crops and manage the systems automatically. It’s easy to use, and with a simple app, chefs can keep track of progress.


Eco Burner - With its refillable chafo, Eco Burner bring to the catering and hotel sector a safer, cleaner and greener alternative to gel and heat sources. The Chafo has a unique safety device and is easy to fill with Eco-burner fuel, which is supplied in a recyclable aerosol can. The eco-burner Chafo reduces fuel waste to zero while providing more heat at a lower cost. In addition, the tool features an over-temperature shut-off valve, to ensure safety, while remaining cool to touch, both during and after services.


Eco to Go - Instead of disposable, reusable Eco to Go presents an alternative to takeaway packaging. They offer well designed, reusable takeout disposables. Their cups and containers can be used again and again and form part of a sustainable circular economy - where resources are in use for as long as possible, then restored at end of life. While the food containers are made from recyclable polypropylene, the cups are made from rice husk that can break down in industrial compost in 90 days.


During Hotelympia 2018 we saw innovations that can help professionals in the hospitality and foodservice sector have a more efficient and sustainable operationWe are looking forward to attending more events to see what novelties will impact businesses throughout the year.  What about you? Let us know if you attending any other event in 2018.

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