4 key trends defining the foodservice and hospitality sector post-COVID

Posted by Erna Klupacs / 14-Jun-2021

Whitepaper part 2 - Impact of covid 19 on the hospitality and foodservice industry

Prompted by safety concerns, hygiene requirements and the impact of national lockdowns, 2021 saw huge shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviours. Agility has never been more important for hospitality and foodservice operators as they find new routes to market and adapt to an ever-shifting landscape. In conversations with operators across the world, we have shortlisted four megatrends that will shape the agenda for the medium term: Changing consumer behaviour, Accelerated digitalization, Sustainability, New ways of serving food.

In our first whitepaper we analysed data and collected insights from around the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The report found that relative levels of food waste would, on average, rise by 50% during the first month of reopening.

Download our free whitepaper: Insights from a post Covid world of the  hospitality & foodservice industryAs the world reopens, businesses are looking for opportunities to become more efficient. New trends in technology have no doubt been accelerated by the pandemic. From seismic shifts in consumer behaviour through to the complete digitisation of the customer experience, it’s never been more important for operators to embrace innovative ways of working. 

It’s also clear that a return to the ‘old-normal’ is no longer an option. Consumers are demanding action when it comes to climate change. With less than 10 years to halve our global emissions as set out in The Paris Agreement, we simply do not have time to waste to create a more sustainable future. 

The green rebuild is here. We’re encouraged by recent commitments to achieve net zero targets. Leaders like Hilton, McDonald’s, IKEA, IHG and others from the sector have all set public science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These are strong foundations we can build upon.

Crises are often said to represent new opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt an unavoidable blow to the foodservice industry. The majority of the companies have faced sharp declines in customer numbers and ruptured supply chains. However with the right countermeasures to strengthen their financial and operational management systems they can be better positioned for the consumption rebound to come. Some of them started moving production to centralised kitchens and we saw a sharp rise of ghost kitchens and virtual brands.

Whilst undoubtedly painful, the global crisis also presents us all with an opportunity to redefine and shape our future. With our new guide we hope to offer you practical insights into how we might build back better. If you are interested in reading more, download the full guide here.

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