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How Novotel Warsaw Centrum reduced food waste by 67% within 3 months

Posted by Liv Lemos / 21-Jul-2017

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Europe might be the home of some of the world’s most sustainable countries, but there’s still a lot to be done in terms of food waste. The European Union, for example, waste an average of 89 million tonnes of food every year. The figures are staggering, but it seems like businesses, governments and households are finally waking up to the issue. 

Winnow is now present in more than ten nations all over Europe, helping hotels, restaurants and contract caterers cut food waste in half. Interestingly, one of our champion hotels in food waste reduction is located in one of the European countries currently wasting the most food: Poland.

In total, the EU wastes 89.2 million tonnes of food each year. The UK is the most wasteful of the EU’s 27-member states, with a food waste total of 14.3 million tonnes per year, according to the most recent figures from Eurostat. Poland is fifth on the list.

It wastes an average of 8.9 million tonnes of food every year. The country is only behind the United Kingdom, followed by Germany (10.3m tons), the Netherlands (9.4m tons), and France (9m tons). The amount of wasted food in Poland represents almost 60% of the value of Polish food exports from 2016. This issue implies a range of negative effects, including a great economic loss and environmental loss.

The good news is that the Polish hospitality sector is currently looking into ways to minimizing the problem. The Novotel Warsaw Centrum has reduced its food waste by 67% in only 3 months. After one week of using the Winnow system, the team learned that an average of 700 kg of food was being wasted every week. The team was then able to quickly identify where waste was generated within their operations and make production adjustments. After only 3 months their 30% reduction target was overcome, and food waste was reduced by 67%.

“Winnow has transformed our kitchen. Because of the Winnow system we’ve changed the way we serve food to our guests, and now, instead of buffet the breakfast meals are all served in individual portions.” Jakub Emanuel Malec - Executive Chef, Novotel Warsaw Centrum

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Featuring more than 700 room, 17 meeting rooms, event spaces, a modern bar and a restaurant, the Novotel Warsaw Centrum is one of the cities trendiest hotels.  After reducing its food waste, service quality remained at high standards but with a lower level of food wastage. For the hotel, this means financial savings and a lower environmental impact. The team currently saving an estimated 111 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

The Novotel Warsaw Centrum places environmental and social responsibility at the top of their list of priorities: “In addition to reducing our food waste, we will try to focus on local markets. Our goal is to become leaders in using local, sustainably sourced food and be an example for others”. said Jakub Emanuel Malec, Executive Chef, at Novotel Warsaw Centrum, during an interview to Winnow.  

By implementing food waste prevention initiatives, they contribute to AccorHotels’ Planet 21 programme. As part of the programme, the hotel group aim to cut food waste by 30% by 2020 across their portfolio of hotel brands.

To follow the successful path of Novotel Warsaw Centrum, you can start by finding out more about the impact addressing food waste could have on your bottom line try our food waste calculator:

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